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You can carry a knife and still trust everyone.

Carry it in your mouth.

Everytime you open it,
We await the sharpening noise of worship.

Cry out into the darkness
The sermon that doesn’t cease:
You cannot be abandoned.
You can only be released.

Church of the Broken Axe Handle, by Derrick Brown. (via themaraudersaredead)

I can relate to this
how do i stop thinking so much?
I wear my heart on my sleeve so don’t be breaking on my arm.
IANAHB (via wayne-s-world)

President Carter!!


President Carter!!


President Carter!!


President Carter!!

If you don’t love me, somebody else will.
(via wayne-s-world)
I don’t cruise control, I control the cruise.
I’m draking worst behavior in the streets and draking marvin’s room in the sheets.
Chris Brown beat a woman and you post things about him. And calling women or men that believe thats wrong "haters". No matter who it is man or woman they shouldn't be glorified. You never know a woman or man might be fallowing you who was in an abusive relationship or is and by you posting a person who seems to just get away with it you failed them you failed to make it known that its not right to get out of a relationship like that or be proud they got out. I am no longer fallowing you.


Ok, Its 2014. 5 years. I honestly think it’s time people leave Chris Brown and Rihanna alone. He has paid the price for domestic violence, but how do you expect someone to rehabilitate, when you constantly remind them of their past?

Posting his quotes doesn’t mean I condone domestic violence, nor would it mean that if I posted Elvis Presley quotes. Yup, he was a woman beater too. Or Charlie Sheen who shot his partner in the arm, yet he’s known as the funny bad boy. Or Sean Connery, the actor who played James Bond who assaulted his wife and said slapping women isn’t a bad thing. You like Eminem, but he verbally abused his wife by rapping about killing her, which caused her to attempt suicide!!. But all of that is ok? They’re somehow allowed to get on with their lives right? Who cares, let’s focus on CB.

What makes me laugh about people like you is, if you did something wrong, you would expect people to forgive and forget, but when it comes to others its okay to condemn them for life right? How many people do you help on a daily basis suffering from domestic violence? 

Chris Brown has paid his price. Yet people/the media will never let him forget his past. He is constantly shunned by people who sin every day. As a Black man, Hollywood will never let him forget his mistakes, but the people in the spot light listed below can continue their success without their violent past constantly being brought up lol.

John Lennon, Mel Gibson, Josh Brolin, Luis Garcia, Sean Penn, Sean Connery, Michael Lohan, David Hasselhoff, Alec Baldwin, Woody Allen, Roman Polanksi, John Brolin, Charlie Sheen, Harry Morgan, Glen Campbell, Tommy Lee, Josh Brolin, Emma Roberts, Elvis fucking Presley.

Let’s stop being hypocrites now people. If you want to do something about Domestic Violence, do something constructive and HELP. Complaining about CB has no impact at all.

PS. I am not a Chris Brown fan. This is a quote site. I post quotes.


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Taylor Swift Attacked during her performance at the 2014 Grammys. Like a pro, the attack didn’t phase her and she kept on singing.